ALL IS YOUR LIFE #2 樹木医 後藤瑞穂

樹木医 後藤瑞穂『楠の治療』2017年11月



Tree doctor Ms. Mizuho GOTO "The treatment of camphor" November 2017

What the reason for declination of a camphor tree which known sturdiness? How to remedy at the point-of-care? Please have a look at it.
*Please note; it sometimes might be hard to hear. Sorry for inconvenient.

樹木医 後藤瑞穂『しだれ梅の治療・剪定ワークショップ』2018年3月



Tree doctor Ms. Mizuho GOTO
"The treatment of weeping plum and the workshop of pruning" Mach 2018

A weeping plum at a private house stopped blooming. The meaning of pruning and way to cut; they show us the coexistence and perception with trees a little by little. Please take a look at that.

ALL IS YOUR LIFEのシリーズ第二回は樹木医 後藤瑞穂さんです。






The second series of "ALL IS YOUR LIFE" is Ms. Mizuho GOTO of the tree doctor.

Ms. GOTO has 17 years experienced the tree doctor: she was the first woman of the tree doctor as of 2001 in Kumamoto, Japan. She had a licence of the First-Class landscape gardening work operation and management engineer, and also the president of KOFU Inc. She innovated the machine of "PiCUS Sonic Tomograph" at the forefront in Japan, making "Breath Pipe" by original improved material of soil, set up "Forever Tree Network" by a specified non-profit corporation, established "Jyumoku-i Jyoshi-kai” which training up and alignment as female tree surgeons, and all that. Her great job is drawing media attention.





Forever Tree Network specified non-profit corporation



Since 2017, we accompanied her job sometimes and covered about it. It is really interesting about treatment methods and stories of trees because we don't much know. Probably, you may get a new point of view about vegetation which closes to you. In the future, we plan to upload each video flexibly. It depends on the situation; we would like to record after the treatment also. This series may become a long-range one.